Apr 2, 2010

Hospitality Management

Cambay Institute of Hospitality Management is a summation of excellent teaching, extensive research and a commitment towards success. It emphases on managerial and operating practices which results in a truly distinctive educational experience.

Our faculty members are experts in Hospitality education. We conduct various seminars and workshops where many industrialists visit our institute for exploring critical trends and also to share their experience. This helps us in building our students careers brighter and resourceful that helps them in growing them faster along with the industry.

Our commitment towards excellence leads to success. By our programme for graduates, undergraduates and powerful learning professionals, we make the successful leaders for tomorrow’s dynamic industry.

We develop the structure of our programme in such a way that sharpens and enhances the capabilities of students and polish the strategic, managerial and other practices necessary for the students. The students are allotted projects in industry which give them the opportunity to deal with realistic conditions prevailing in the market; while working with industry professionals.

Entrance Exams for Hospitality Management Programme would be starting onwards from 29 March, 2010. Online Registration forms are available.


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